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Soleau Software is the one-man software company of William Soleau. A prolific author of shareware, Soleau Software is known to have released 57 DOS games, 32 of which are still sold for $12 each.

Still for sale: Alpha Man, Ant Run, Balloon Challenge, Blind Wars, Block-man, Block Man 2, Bolo Adventures I, Bolo Adventures III, Bolo Ball, Crusher, Crusher Castle II, Dotso, Facetrex, Isle Wars, Ladder Man III, Loader Larry, Mice Maze, Mice Men, Mice Moves, Numlo, Oilcap, Plix, Quato, Raku Master, Robix, Rock Man, Sea Run, Squarex, Spider Run, Wall Pipe, Wordle, WordMax

Discontinued: Banyon Wars, Battle for Atlantis, BlindMaze, Bolo Adventures II, Bolo Box, Doubolo, Cuber, Gold Hunt, Iago, Jungle Jack, Ladder Man I, Ladder Man II, Lava Cap, MadMaze, Main Break, Mindcube, Missile, Mission Maze, Plotz, Rampcube, Runoff, Sink'em, Taxi Run, Tribolo, UpWall


William Soleau
163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite #213
New York, NY. 10023


Games developed (28)
Games published (31)
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