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Some shareware games were full versions that requested a donation to register the software if it was found to be useful. Most later shareware games included the first episode in a series, or had less levels or features than the registered version. Freeware games may be former shareware or commercial software, or games that have always been freeware. Public domain games are games that the copyright holder has officially abandoned all rights into the public domain (abandonware). Whenever the legal status of a shareware game is unknown, it is presumed to continue to be shareware.

All shareware games All freeware games Public domain
Full version shareware Former commercial software
Partial game shareware Former shareware
Always freeware

Search for games by video mode

Games are listed by supported video modes. Games that have native support for more than one standard are listed under each supported standard. Video modes that have more than one resolution can be searched by resolution, or all games can be viewed by clicking on the name of the standard.

Text modes

ASCII refers to games that use text modes rather than graphics modes. CGA supports only Modes 0 through 3, and MDA and Hercules support only Mode 7. All newer graphics standards are backwards-compatible with all of these text modes (except MCGA, which doesn't support Mode 7).

Mode 00h 40×25×16gray text*
Mode 01h 40×25×16c text
Mode 02h 80×25×16gray text*
Mode 03h 80×25×16c text
Mode 07h 80×25 mono text

* These modes display in grayscale on a composite monitor and color on an RGB monitor.

Graphics modes

BIOS Mode CGA Hercules PCjr/Tandy EGA VGA 8514
04h 320×200×4c -- supported supported supported --
05h 320×200×4gray* -- supported supported supported --
06h 640×200×2c -- supported 640×200×2c supported --
08h -- -- 160×200×16c -- -- --
09h -- -- 320×200×16c -- -- --
0Ah -- -- 640×200×4c -- -- --
0Dh -- -- -- 320×200×16c supported --
0Eh -- -- -- 640×200×16c supported --
0Fh -- -- -- 640×350 mono supported --
10h -- -- -- 640×350×16c 640×350×16c --
11h -- -- -- -- 640×480 mono --
12h -- -- -- -- 640×480×16c --
13h -- -- -- -- 320×200×256c --
Non-standard 160×100×16c 720×348 mono -- -- Tweaked modes 1024×768×256c

* CGA Mode 05h displays in grayscale on composite monitors, but displays an unofficial "third palette" on RGB monitors.

Any graphics modes that exceed the capabilities of a VGA graphics card are called Super VGA (SVGA). VESA BIOS Extensions (VBE) defined 23 graphics and 5 text modes that allowed for higher resolutions and/or color depths. As of the 2.0 specification, no further modes will be defined, allowing software to use any resolution, provided the graphics card is capable of displaying it.

VESA Defined Modes
Graphics mode 320×200 640×400 640×480 800×600 1024×768 1280×1024
16 color Mode 102h Mode 104h Mode 106h
256 color Mode 100h Mode 101h Mode 103h Mode 105h Mode 107h
15-bit (32K) Mode 10Dh Mode 110h Mode 113h Mode 116h Mode 119h
16-bit (64K) Mode 10Eh Mode 111h Mode 114h Mode 117h Mode 11Ah
24-bit (16M) Mode 10Fh Mode 112h Mode 115h Mode 118h Mode 11Bh
Undefined modes



Search for games by year

Games are listed by the year in which the first version was released.

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