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Contribute to RGB Classic Games

There are many ways that you can help RGB Classic Games.

You may have come here looking for a specific game and didn't find it. We'd be happy to add it to the site for you if it's legal to do so. Submit a game

Part of RGB Classic Games' mission is to archive every version of each game, but many version are still missing. If you know where to find a file that we're looking for, please let us know. Submit a file

How to help the site for free

You can help RGB Classic Games without sending a donation or buying a RGB Classic Games DVD. If you want to help us out for free, here are some ideas.

Relevant links on other websites will draw new visitors, as well as improve our position on search engines, so mention RGB Classic Games on your website or blog. If your site is informational or has something to do with gaming, you can interview me! I've been interviewed before, and I'm always happy to talk about the site, or classic DOS games in general.

Post about RGB Classic Games on a forum that you visit frequently. Be sure that your post is on topic or relevant for visitors of the forum, and simply post a factual account of what you like about the site, or why others might enjoy it, so that your post isn't spam. Alternatively, you can mention RGB Classic Games in your signature, and then it doesn't have to be relevant to the forum because it's relevant to you!

You can let people know that you find the site valuable on social bookmarking sites like Digg,, Furl, and Stumbleupon.

You can propose RGB Classic Games as a "link of the day" or "site of the day" on websites that have them. You could mention the site in your school newspaper to introduce your friends and classmates to classic gaming.

You can also make a monetary donation without any cost to you! RGB Classic Games became an Amazon associate in order to link to some games that can no longer be purchased from the copyright holder, but are available new or used on Amazon. If you click the link for,,,, or before you buy anything, RGB Classic Games gets a commission. It costs you nothing, and if you were going to buy something anyway, why not give a few cents to the site while you're at it?

I host all of my websites on a single Host Gator web hosting package. We use the Baby package ($7.95/month) which includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited databases, and unlimited domains. The Baby package was necessary because Hatchling only allows one domain. If you ever find a better hosting package, please let me know! Anyway, if you're looking for a webhost and decide to join Host Gator, click this link and the site will get a commission.

Our domain names are registered through 1&1. They also provide web hosting. If you need domain registration or web hosting, click this link and the site will get a commission.