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WordMix  1995

WordMix is the Win16 version of WordMax, an anagram game where your goal is to create as many words as possible from a "master word". Other than being Windows software, the main difference is that WordMix uses Macromedia to add slideshow-style transitions between screens. WordMix uses a dictionary of 80 000 words to create a list of valid words and tells you not only how many words there are, but how many are of each word length. Soleau Software replaced the installer in v2.1c with a 32-bit installer, but the game is still 16-bit! This had the unfortunate effect of making the game impossible to install using 16-bit Windows, but impossible to play using 64-bit Windows. In 2012, v3.0 was released for Win9x. There are over 150 master words in this game, with only the first 30 playable in the shareware version.

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WordMix v3.0 Shareware (2,523,376 bytes) 3 July 2012 Win9x
WordMix v2.1c Shareware (1,687,770 bytes) 16 May 2002 Win16
WordMix v2.1b Shareware (1,490,801 bytes) 1 November 1997 Win16
WordMix v2.1 Shareware (1,035,108 bytes) 1 September 1996 Win16
WordMix v2.0 Shareware (1,063,917 bytes) 1 April 1996 Win16
WordMix v1.2 Shareware (993,491 bytes) 19 August 1995 Win16

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Soleau Software still sells this game, for $15 by download.