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Numlo  1993

Numlo is a Reversi game for three players, like Tribolo. Numlo differs from Tibolo by removing the unplayable squares, the size of the board is reduced to 12×12, and there are random point values scattered across the board which are added to each player's total. As in Reversi, players take turns placing a piece on the board, which must sandwich opponent's pieces between another of their own pieces, causing all of the pieces in between to switch to the capturing player's color. Players earn one point for each piece they have on the board. When capturing in Numlo, all of the pieces in the middle must belong to a single opponent. That means that blue must sandwich pieces belonging to red or green, but not both. In Reversi, capturing the corners and the edge of the board is a strong strategy, unless the center becomes cluttered with pieces from both sides, because it can capture whole rows or columns at a time. In Numlo this doesn't seem to be a good strategy, since there is bound to be at least one piece of each color between your own on a row or column of 12 squares, instead of the usual 8. Point values on the board must be considered in one's strategy, which reduces the value of memorizing "openings", much like Fischer Random Chess does for the traditional game of chess, to a greater extent. I suspect that, by playing moves that would be strong if there were no point values, you can capture enough territory to get a proportional share of the "bonus points". The registered version allows up to three humans to play.

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EGA Mode 10h

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Complete version history:

Numlo v1.0 (107,913 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by download.