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21st Century Entertainment Game Crafters Psycon Software
2 Guys Software GameTek Psygnosis
Accend Gathering of Developers QASoft
Acclaim Entertainment Gee Whiz! Entertainment Radiesel
Accursed Toys Gray Design Associates Rainbow Arts
Activision Gremlin Graphics Raven Software
Aestan Games GT Interactive Reality Studios
Albino Frog Software HipSoft RealTech VR
Alive Software Holodream Software Redwood Games
Alligator Software Humongous Entertainment Remedy Entertainment
Animation FX Hutchins Software Renaissance
Apogee Software ICE Software Renegade Software
Arcanum Computing id Software Revolution Software
Argo Games Imagination Pilots Entertainment R O Software
ARUSH Entertainment ImagiSOFT Rogue Entertainment
Atari SA Impressions Games Rozner Labs Software Group
Atomic Entertainment Impulse Software SaadaSoft
Attention to Detail Infocom Safari Software
Beam Software Inner Circle Creations Sanctuary Software Studio
Beavis-Soft Interplay Productions Scenario Software
Bethesda Softworks Jaleco Sculptured Software
The Bitmap Brothers JAM Productions Sega Enterprises
Blizzard Entertainment Jared Davis Software Serendipity Software
BlueMoon Software Jazz Software Shamusoft Designs
BMG Interactive Jeff Tunnell Productions Shiny Entertainment
Brainchild Design Kinderware Sierra On-Line
Broderbund Kinesoft Development Silver Lightning Software
Buena Vista Interactive LavaMind Six Pound Sledge Studios
Bullfrog Productions LucasArts Entertainment Sleepless Software
Bungie Machination Softdisk Publishing
Buzz Puppet Magic Lemon Software Soleau Software
Cane Garden Software Maxis Software of Sweden
Capcom Metropolis Software House Spectrum HoloByte
CAPS Softwaredesign ULM Microdem Spectrum Pacific Publishing
Capstone Software Microforum Spidersoft
Carr Software Micro F/X Software Squaresoft
Cascoly Software Microleague Interactive Software Stone Interactive Media
Chaos Works MicroProse Strategic Simulations Inc.
Cinematronics Microsoft SubZero Software
Clickteam Midway Summit Software
Coktel Vision Mindscape Sunstorm Interactive
Computers & Dreams Inc. Mind Shear Software Sverx
Crack dot Com MindStorm Software Synaptic Entertainment
Creative Game Design Mir-Dialogue Tactical Neuronics
Crystal Dynamics Mirage Taito
CSE Games Mirrorsoft Take-Two Interactive
Cytherean Adventures Monolith Productions Team17 Software
Delphine Software Moonlite Software Tech-Noir Productions
Digital Empires MoraffWare Ted Gruber Software
Digital Extremes Mountain King Studios Terminal Reality
Digital Illusions Computer Entertainment MVP Software Time Warner Interactive
Digital Workshop Neolithic Software Titus
DigiTorus Software Neural Storm Entertainment Traveller's Tales
Diversions Entertainment The Neverhood Trilobyte
Diversions Software NMS Software TSoft
DMA Design Ocean Software Twilight Software
Dongleware Verlags GmbH Olympus Two Lights Entertainment
DreamWorks Interactive Omega Integral Systems Ubisoft Entertainment
Dungeon Dwellers One Reality Union Logic Software Publishing
East Point Software Orange Games Velocity
Eclipse Software ORT Software Viable Software Alternatives
Edisys SCRL Outrage Entertainment Virgin Interactive
Eidos Interactive Pē Multimedia Vision Software
Electronic Arts Pack Media Company The Walt Disney Company
Elorg Panda Entertainment WarnerActive
Ensemble Studios Papyrus Design Group Warped Software NQI
Epic MegaGames Parallax Software Webfoot Technologies
Escape Programming Peregrine Software Wetware
Eurocom Pie in the Sky Software Wiering Software
Europress Software Pioneer Productions Wihlborg Entertainment
Everett Kaser Software Pixel Painters Wildcard Design
Exaggerated Software Playmates Interactive Entertainment Wildfire Studios
Factor 5 Pop Software Williams Entertainment
Family Production Precision Software Applications Wunderware
Farr-Ware Presage Software Development Xtreme Games LLC
FormGen Corporation Probe Entertainment Zillions Development
FrontLine Design Project Two Interactive Zonarware
Funsoft Psion Software

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Abhijeet Meshram Filipe Mateus Mark Currie
Adam Pedersen Glenn Nissen Michael A. Denio
Al Funk Stefan Heineke and Karsten Finger Doug, Larry & Wendy Murk
Bob Provencher Ilija Mihajlov Paul T. Dawson
Brian L. Goble Jake Firth Peter Wansch
Chris Pirih James L. Dean Raoul Said
Chris Sawyer Jared Tarbell Rhett Anderson
Colin Garbutt Jason M. Knight Robert Cook
Craig Hickman Jeffrey Fullerton Robert E. Paehr
Craig W. Kellogg John Carmack Robert Epps
Damon Hastings John Di Troia Ron Balewski
Dan Hilton Kenny Morse Ronny Wester
Daniel Lawrence Ken Silverman Sergey Ryzhkov
David B. Lutton II Kevin Bales Vadim Gerasimov
Diana Gruber Kirk Saathoff Wendell Hicken
Dick Olsen Larry Tipton
Doug Ross Lee Chapel