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Loader Larry  1993

Loader Larry is a game in the genre of Block-man and Taking Care of Business. Larry can move left and right, jump up one step, fall from any height, and pick up or drop blocks in his quest to reach the exit of each level. He can also use items such as ladders to help him climb onto platforms, and TNT to destroy walls in his path. Other than the first few levels, this game will probably be too difficult for children, but it's lots of fun for adults. There are 40 levels in this game, with only the first 20 levels playable in the shareware version.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Loader Larry


Complete version history:

Loader Larry v1.2 (150,423 bytes) 1995-02-01 DOS Play online
Loader Larry v1.1 (139,413 bytes) 1994-08-01 DOS
Loader Larry v1.0 (126,734 bytes) xxxx DOS


Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by download.