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Battle for Atlantis  1990

Battle for Atlantis is a game of global domination, like Risk. Based on Banyon Wars, this game adds EGA graphics and has four factions. Battle takes place among 43 cities divided between 8 islands of varying size, which collectively make up the atoll of Atlantis. Occupying an entire island gives you bonus armies based on the size of the island. Random flooding, seismic activity and revolution can destroy armies, and distribution centers, which are randomly distributed across the map, occasionally double the number of troops residing in them. The maximum number of armies that can be in a city is 9999. The game pits you against 3 computer opponents, and has 7 difficulty levels and a random difficulty level, and you can set the maximum number of armies that each city can have at the beginning of the game. The registered version loads and exits faster.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Battle for Atlantis


Battle for Atlantis v2.2 Shareware (140,598 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Battle for Atlantis v2.0 Shareware (122,062 bytes) xxxx DOS
Battle for Atlantis v1.0 Shareware (128,864 bytes) xxxx DOS


Soleau Software no longer sells this game.