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Gold Hunt  1990

Originally known as The Goldhunt Adventures, the title was shortened to Gold Hunt in v1.1. Gold Hunt is a challenging puzzle adventure game. The hero must collect twelve bags of gold in each level and, in some cases, kill all of the enemies by trapping them, in order to advance to the next level. The enemies will kill the hero any time they have a direct line of sight to him, so the hero must move boxes around the level to hide behind. Some enemies don't move, but those that do are killed whenever they are trapped by blocks. If there are still bags of gold in the room, they will randomly regenerate somewhere in the room. The registered version lets you start the game with eight lives. There are 10 rooms in this game.

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EGA Mode 0Eh

Screenshot of Gold Hunt


Complete version history:

Gold Hunt v1.1 Shareware (82,182 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
The Goldhunt Adventures v1.0 Shareware (69,770 bytes) xxxx DOS


Soleau Software no longer sells this game.