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Webshrines are extremely in-depth articles about a select few classic games. They include complete lists of enemies and power-ups, as well as maps and walkthroughs.

The Adventures of MicroMan
Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain
Entertainment Pack for OS/2
Electro Man
Incunabula: The Unspoken Secrets


From time to time I interview some of the people who made a difference in the world of classic DOS games. All commentary is the opinion of the party being interviewed, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of RGB Classic Games.

Classic game developers

Allen Pilgrim - Super ZZT, Kiloblaster, Xargon - 27 April 2015
Jennifer Diane Reitz - Boppin', Accursed Toys Manifesto - 28 April 2008 - some coarse language
David P. Gray - Hugo Trilogy, Nitemare-3D - 31 March 2008
Everett Kaser - Everett Kaser Software - 6 January 2008
Adam Pedersen - Jetpack, Squarez Deluxe, God of Thunder - 7 November 2007
Joe Siegler - Apogee's legacy - 31 January 2006
Owen Thomas - ORT Software, AstroFire, TerraFire - 18 December 2005
Ken Silverman - Build, Epic MegaGames, 3D Realms - 21 November 2005
Nels Anderson - Arcanum Computing - 16 November 2005
John Passfield - Halloween Harry, Flight of the Amazon Queen - 31 October 2005

Notable contributors to critical DOS projects

Qbix - DOSBox past, present and future - 30 April 2008

Is there anyone else you would like to see interviewed on RGB Classic Games? What would you like me to ask that person? Send a name and a question or two to requests <at> classicdosgames (dot) com and maybe I'll see what I can do! Interviews are released "when it's done".

Guides and Tutorials

I decided that it was time that there were some really high quality tutorials on classic gaming topics. This section is a little bare right now, but give it time.


Basic DOSBox tutorial - 17 June 2007
Advanced DOSBox tutorial - 5 February 2008

Hardware Guides

Memory modes - 26 November 2007
A Comprehensive History of Disks - 24 May 2011
Guide to character attributes in DOS text modes - 23 June 2020


GRAFIX 2.70 HTML manual

Is there anything else you would like to see a tutorial for on RGB Classic Games? Send your suggestions to requests <at> classicdosgames (dot) com and maybe I'll see what I can do! Tutorials are released "when it's done".