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Doubolo  1990

A new twist on Reversi, Doubolo is played with on a 23×14 grid, and there are unplayable squares scattered across the board which block capturing and create additional opportunities for groups of pieces to become uncapturable. As in Reversi, players take turns placing a piece on the board, which must sandwich opponent's pieces between another of their own pieces, causing all of the pieces in between to switch to the capturing player's color. A player must pass his turn if he cannot sandwich any of his opponent's pieces. Players earn one point for each piece they have on the board. More grid board shapes are available in the registered version.

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EGA Mode 0Eh

Screenshot of Doubolo


Complete version history:

Doubolo v1.0 Shareware (58,156 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Soleau Software no longer sells this game.