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Isle Wars  1991

Isle Wars is a game of global domination, like Risk. Based on Battle for Atlantis, Isle Wars is played with a mouse, reduces the number of difficulty levels to four, and uses cards to add a new element to the gameplay. Battle takes place among 46 countries divided between 9 continents of varying size. The attacking country must have at least as many armies as the defending country in order to begin the attack (a country with 4 armies can't attack a country with 5 armies), and losing a battle when you are down to 2 armies causes the attacking country to be lost to the defending player and ends the attacker's turn. Occupying an entire continent gives you bonus armies based on the size of the continent. Random flooding, seismic activity and revolution can destroy armies, and three to five distribution centers, which are randomly distributed across the map, occasionally double the number of troops residing in them. Players receive a card at the end of every turn in which they conquered at least one country. Unlike Risk, there are a great variety of different bonuses awarded by the cards, and there is no guarantee of having a set of three after receiving 5 cards. If cards can't be played, or if the player elects not to use them, he must discard a card of his choosing before collecting another card once he has 5. Cards can be used to add 5, 8, 15, or double the number of armies that can be assigned at the beginning of the turn, bomb a country, protect the player from being bombed, or airlift armies to a non-adjacent country. The shareware version pits you against 3 computer opponents, and allows customization of difficulty level and the number of armies at the beginning of the game. The maximum number of armies that can be in a city is 999. The registered version allows up to four humans to play.

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Graphics modes

EGA Mode 10h

Isle Wars


Isle Wars v1.0 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Isle Wars v3.0 (205,658 bytes) xxxx DOS
Isle Wars v2.0 (162,258 bytes) xxxx DOS
Isle Wars v2.2 (161,045 bytes) xxxx DOS
Isle Wars v3.1 (216,924 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online

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Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by download.