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Blind Wars  1992

Blind Wars is a game of global domination, like Risk. Based on Isle Wars, Blind Wars takes away the bonus cards and doesn't let you see your opponent's armies. It works quite well, and adds a new element to a familiar game: bluffing. You can leave a critical area undefended and your opponents may assume that enough armies are present to make victory impossible. Instead of a world map, battle takes place on a land mass with 77 cities divided between 10 countries. Occupying an entire country adds to the number of armies you receive each turn. Random flooding, volcanic activity and revolution can destroy armies, and unexpected plenty, such as record crop yields, can add armies to a region. Distribution centers are randomly distributed across the map, which occasionally double the number of troops residing in them, making them strategically desirable, and making the strategy somewhat different each game. The maximum number of armies that can be in a city is 99. The shareware version pits you against 3 computer opponents, and allows customization of difficulty level and the maximum number of armies that each city can have at the beginning of the game. The registered version allows up to four humans to play.

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Blind Wars


Complete version history:

Blind Wars v1.1 Shareware (141,233 bytes) 1993-11-01 DOS Play online
Blind Wars v1.0 Shareware (123,015 bytes) 1992-11-19 DOS


Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by download.