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Desk Drop  1997

Desk Drop is essentially Columns. Columns of three office themed pieces fall from the top of the screen, and the pieces can be rotated as they fall. Desk Drop differs by only eliminating pieces when a row of three or more is created (vertical and diagonal lines are ignored), but getting three in a row causes all instances of the matched type to disappear. There are also arrows on the side of the playing field, and if three-in-a-row is achieved on that row, the entire row is removed. The more generous piece removal might offset the much stricter matching criteria, except that there are nine types of pieces to match, making it nearly impossible to get three of the same type in a row. Due to the difficulty of getting a match, games don't last very long. Perhaps using pictures instead of colors was intended to avoid copyright issues, but it's hard to imagine less interesting graphics than pictures of office equipment. Between the frustrating difficulty level, the uninspired graphics, and the fact that the game has none of Soleau Software's usual educational qualities, I'm actually amazed that Soleau Software ever sold this game. While not much fun to play, the game is historically interesting for its failings and is included on this site for the sake of completeness. Solsoft replaced the installer in v1.0b with a 32-bit installer in 2002, but the game itself is still the 16-bit executable from 1999. This had the unfortunate effect of making the game impossible to install in 16-bit Windows, but impossible to play in 64-bit Windows. In 2012, v3.0 was released for Win9x. High scores are saved in the registered version.

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Desk Drop

Desk Drop


Desk Drop v2.0 Shareware (2,418,538 bytes) 18 June 2012 Win9x
Desk Drop v1.0b (Win32 installer) Shareware (1,589,746 bytes) 16 May 2002 Win16
Desk Drop v1.0b (1999) Shareware (Still searching) 1 March 1999 Win16
Desk Drop v1.0b (1998) Shareware (1,424,970 bytes) 1 February 1998 Win16
Desk Drop v1.0 Shareware (1,149,523 bytes) 1 January 1997 Win16

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Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $15 by download.