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Mice Maze  1995

Mice Men is an adventure game using the engine from Crusher. The game takes place in a maze of 36 rooms arranged in a 6×6 grid. Each room is randomly generated at the beginning of each game, so the game is different every time. Each room is full of boxes, unmovable tiles, diamonds, and two types of cats. Yellow cats are slow and purple cats are fast. Some rooms contain cheese, which you need to live, bombs, grills, cans, and holes. Instead of depleting oxygen with each step, the mouse must each cheese, and uses up one unit of cheese for every 20 steps, or whenever he moves to a different room. Bombs can be used to blow up boxes, grills are unmovable and indestructible, and cans are worth points. Entering a hole can cause you to acquire or lose bombs or cans. The boxes can be pushed if there is nothing behind them, which allows you to create a protective barrier between yourself and the cats, or to trap them. If a cat is completely surrounded so that it can't move, it disappears a piece of cheese will appear somewhere in the level. Bonus points are awarded for trapping more than one cat in the same room. Every time you re-enter a room, all of the cats will return. After scoring 10,000 points, you can begin to work on your objectives, with your ultimate goal to rescue a red mouse. The registered version allows you to save a game in progress.

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Mice Maze


Mice Maze v1.2 Shareware (201,971 bytes) 1996-04-01 DOS Play online
Mice Maze v1.1 Shareware (197,366 bytes) 1995-06-20 DOS
Mice Maze v1.0 Shareware (199,567 bytes) 1995-04-01 DOS


Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by download.