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Bolo Ball  1992

Bolo Ball is basically the opposite of Balloon Challenge. Both sides have a row of 29 balls at the top of the screen. When you push one, it will fall until it hits something, or reaches the bottom of the screen. Arrows will cause the ball to move left or right, but it also changes the direction of the arrow. Black holes will teleport the ball somewhere else in the level. The farther the ball falls, the more points it scores, and there are also bonus points scattered throughout the level. Long term strategy should take gray blocks into account. The gray blocks disappear at the end of the stage, causes any balls on top of them to fall and get extra points. The short version is only one level. In the long version of the game, any balls remaining will turn into bonus points to be collected in the second round, and again in the third round. In the third and final round, purple arrow blocks appear which randomly change direction, causing the ball to move in whatever direction it is pointing at the time. The registered version can be played against a human opponent in addition to the computer.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Bolo Ball


Bolo Ball v2.2 Shareware (103,429 bytes) 1996-04-01 DOS Play online
Bolo Ball v2.1 Shareware (104,760 bytes) 1995-02-01 DOS
Bolo Ball v2.0 Shareware (99,275 bytes) 1994-08-01 DOS
Bolo Ball v1.2 Shareware (98,451 bytes) 1992-08-02 DOS
Bolo Ball v1.0 Shareware (76,814 bytes) xxxx DOS


Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by download.