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Crusher  1991

Crusher is an adventure game that takes place in a cavern of 25 rooms arranged in a 5×5 grid. Each room is randomly generated at the beginning of each game, so the game is different every time. Each room is full of boxes, unmovable tiles, diamonds, and three monsters. The monsters come in four colors, indicating their speed, but all will be the same within each room. Some rooms contain oxygen tanks, which you need to live, and bombs, which can be used to destroy the boxes and unmovable tiles. Oxygen is depleted with every step you take. Touching a monster will cost you a life, but running out of oxygen will instantly end the game. The boxes can be pushed if there is nothing behind them, which allows you to create a protective barrier between yourself and the monsters, or to trap them. You can crush a monster by trapping it with boxes so that it can't move. Crushed monsters disappear, and an oxygen tank will appear somewhere in the level. Bonus points are awarded for killing more than one monster in the same room. Every time you re-enter a room, all of the monsters will return. After scoring 10,000 points, you can begin to work on your objectives, which include finding Mr. X, finding a map, rescuing Eve, finding Ted, finding the combination to the safe, and finding the safe. As you achieve each objective, one of the rooms will change to contain the next objective, so the entire cavern has to be searched for each one, although you'll learn to identify the room that Mr. X will eventually be in when you see it. This game is very difficult, and success depends upon conserving bombs and, most importantly, conserving oxygen by moving as efficiently as possible. Shareware versions 3.0 and earlier only allow you to play until you find Eve, and require registration to complete the later objectives. Version 3.1 and later allow the entire game to be completed. The registered version allows you to save a game in progress.

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Crusher


Crusher v3.2 Shareware (138,178 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Crusher v3.1 Shareware (109,567 bytes) xxxx DOS
Crusher v3.0 Shareware (127,750 bytes) xxxx DOS
Crusher v2.0 Shareware (123,981 bytes) xxxx DOS


Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by download.