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Edisys was a Belgian software company chaired by Philippe Mercier and best known by the name Copysoft, the brand under which the first six Skunny games were published. In 1995 Edisys released a new Skunny game under the Magic Touch brand. It looks like they may have intended to license their new SuperHelix engine to other game developers, but it is unclear whether any other game used this engine. Many companies with "Edisys" in their name still exist, including one in the south of France (far from Belgium), and is registered and still sells the first six Skunny games, claiming that Copysoft is a division of American Computer Technologies. My inquiries about whether Copysoft or the rights to the Skunny games were ever sold to ACT have gone unanswered.


Copysoft / Magic Touch / Edisys SCRL
Rue du Menuisier 109
1200 Brussels
Tel: 32 2 772 49 13
Fax: 32 2 772 47 51

CIS: 10001,3123


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