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Skunny: Desert Raid  1993

A sidescrolling shooter starring Skunny the squirrel. Desert Raid is so ridiculously difficult that no one in their right mind would play it. It's so awful that it's famous which, unfortunately, makes it classic. In the most political and offensive game of the Skunny series, Desert Raid is based on the Gulf War. Skunny flies an airplane that has unlimited bullets and limited bombs and must defeat the evil Sadman Insane for possessing weapons of mass destruction. Skunny's plane can take several missiles and bullets, but is destroyed instantly if it touches a palm tree. Play it to appreciate how lucky we are to live in the modern gaming era and bask in its awfulness. The registered version has more and longer levels.

Added by DOSGuy


Skunny: Desert Raid v1.0 Shareware (510,588 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Copysoft still sells the full version of this game for $5.00, or with all 6 of their games for $20.00, by download.