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Skunny  1995

Skunny is a 32-bit DOS platform game featuring the anthropomorphic squirrel from six previous Copysoft games. Created with the new SuperHelix engine, this game features vastly improved control and graphics – with up to six layers of parralax scrolling – than the previous Skunny platformers, though many familiar sound effects remain. Skunny apparently found a map on one of his recent adventures and now must seek out treasure in six locations around the world. In addition to the health bar, Skunny now has a time meter, though how much time is actually left is unclear. Skunny must collect 100 keys in each level in order to go through the exit, and also gets an extra life when he collects 100 coins. Skunny can still jump on bad guys and be killed instantly by spikes, but most of the gameplay seems to revolve around jumping into cannon-like barrels and timing when to shoot out of them. There are 6 worlds in this game, with only the first world playable in the shareware version.

Pirate's Gold
Desert Oasis
Oriental Fortunes
Enchanted Castle
Egyptian Artifacts
Artic Caverns

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Skunny


Skunny v1.0 Playable Demo Episode (3,890,413 bytes) 1995-10-01 DOS Play online


Edisys SCRL no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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