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Skunny Kart  1994

Skunny Kart is a go-kart racing game with "Mode 7" graphics like Super Mario Kart, notoriously based on source code left in Copysoft's office by the engine's creators before they chose to develop a game with Apogee instead (which became Wacky Wheels). Skunny and a cast of other animals race in various cups on tracks that are littered with power-ups and items that can help you or hurt you. There are practice and battle modes and everything you would expect from the genre. Version 1.2 added difficulty levels and the ability to compete against computer opponents in the battle arenas. Version 1.3 added two new Cups (10 new race tracks), bringing the total to 50 tracks. The registered version comes with 6 extra episodes and 10 extra battle arenas.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Skunny Kart


Complete version history:

Skunny Kart v1.4 Shareware (1,445,518 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Skunny Kart v1.3 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Skunny Kart v1.2 Shareware (1,261,862 bytes) xxxx DOS
Skunny Kart v1.1 Shareware (Still searching) 1994-09-15 DOS


Copysoft still sells the full version of this game for $5.00, or with all 6 of their games for $20.00, by download.