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DND Webshrine

DND has a confusing history. A game called "dnd" was written in the TUTOR programming language for the PLATO system by Gary Whisenhunt and Ray Wood in 1974 and 1975, based on Gygax and Arneson's Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games. Another dungeon crawl, called "DND", was written in BASIC for the DECsystem-10 mainframe computer's TOPS-10 operating system in 1976. The games were similar, but Lawrence's game didn't contain any of Whisenhunt and Wood's source code. Lawrence eventually ported DND to home computer systems, whose limited RAM required dropping two of the dungeons and reducing the character to a single class. The game was sold commercially under the name of the surviving dungeon, Telengard. The source code for the mainframe version of DND was ported to other computer systems without Lawrence's knowledge or permission. Bill Knight discovered one of these unauthorized ports while working at Digital and created a DOS port, adding two new dungeons – The Cavern and The Warren. Knight wouldn't learn who the original author of the game was until many years later.

Revision history

DND v1.0 ?
DND v1.1 5 April 1984
DND v1.11 16 October 1984
DND v1.12 22 March 1986
DND v1.2 18 November 1986
DND v1.2:1 22 February 1987


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