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MicroMan Webshrine

The MicroMan Shrine covers the original MicroMan demo. The game was a playable demonstration of Brian Goble's Windows Animation Package.

RoboDog RoboDog — These robots just move back and forth.
Robot Robot — Robots turn and fire wavy shots at MicroMan when he is on the same level as they are.
Wall Gun Wall Gun — These guns open and close, firing at MicroMan when they're open. They can only be destroyed when they're open.
Floor Gun Floor Gun — Floor Guns rise out of the ground and fire in MicroMan's direction, before retracting back into the ground.
Missile Missile — Missiles fly in a straight line across the screen.
Boss tank Boss tank — This giant robot fires guided missiles in volleys and teleports between platforms.

Power Shot Power Shot
Fan Shot Fan Shot
Guided Missiles Guided Missiles
Shield Shield
Super Jump Super Jump


There are 14 rooms in MicroMan, and 2 bottomless pits. For the purposes of this shrine, the rooms are arranged in 8×3 grid and given a column-row designation based on its x-y coordinate relative to the bottom-left corner.

Map Layout
1-31-3 2-32-3 3-33-3 4-34-3 5-35-3 6-36-3 7-37-3 8-38-3
1-21-2 2-22-2 3-23-2
1-11-1 2-12-1 3-13-1


Room Description
1-1 1-1 is the starting point for the adventure. There is a RoboDog and a Wall Gun. There is also a Power Shot, which temporarily makes your shots more powerful. The platforms above can be used to go to 1-2, or exit to the right to go to 2-1. The floating platform to the left phases in and out.
2-1 The four small platforms above the Robot phase in and out. There is a Fan Shot, which temporarily makes MicroMan's shots fan into three shots.
3-1 The Floor Guns in this room move up and down, but can still be hit when they descend into the platform. The Super Jump gives MicroMan incredible jumping ability. It can only be reached by dropping from 2-2 onto the moving platform in 2-1, and jumping from the platform in the upper right corner onto the teleporter in 3-1.
1-2 1-2 contains a Wall Gun. Both passages to the right lead to the mirror room in 2-2. The Shield makes MicroMan temporarily invincible. Missiles enter the room from all four openings.
2-2 This is the mirror room. MicroMan is reflected both vertically and horizontally, creating four images of himself. Which one is real depends on where MicroMan entered the room from. Falling down either hole leads to 2-1. The left hole will drop MicroMan on the moving platform in 2-1.
3-2 Many of the blocks in this room phase in and out. There are two Wall Guns, and Missiles enter from openings in each of the four corners of the room. The Guided Missile power-up causes MicroMan's shots to seek out the nearest enemy.
1-3 There are two Floor Guns in 1-3. The small platform nears the ladder phases in and out. From here you can fall back to 1-2 or head right to 2-3.
2-3 This room contains a Floor Gun and a Robot. The holes in the floor lead to 2-2. It's best to avoid the Guided Missiles until you're ready to fight the Boss tank in 3-3.
3-3 This room contains the Boss tank, which fires guided missiles at MicroMan. When he is defeated, the wall above the top right platform disappears, leading to 4-3. It is impossible to jump onto the top platform without Super Jump. The Boss tank is easiest to defeat with Guided Missiles, so the best strategy is to drop from 2-2 to the moving platform in 2-1 to collect the Super Jump from 3-1, climb to 3-2 and collect the Guided Missiles, then climb to 3-3 and defeat the Boss tank, and jump to the top of the screen before the Super Jump wears off. If Super Jump hasn't yet been collected, you can go back and get it after the fight.
4-3 The hole at the bottom of this room is a bottomless pit. MicroMan will fall for a very long time, and eventually die.
5-3 Nothing to do in this room but climb.
6-3 Another bottomless pit.
7-3 Nothing to do in this room but jump.
8-3 The game ends when MicroMan uses the second teleporter.

Cheat codes

Add " -cheat" to the command line to make MicroMan invincible.

Bugs and glitches

Undead Boss tank glitch

If you leave the room after defeating the Boss tank, and before it falls off of the screen, it will be alive when you return to the room. It will now be invincible, and MicroMan's regular shots pass right through it. You can also walk through the Boss tank without taking damage. To the game, it doesn't exist in the sense of being able to give or take damage, but the guided missiles it fires can still kill you. MicroMan's Guided Missiles will still seek and hit the Boss, but they don't cause damage.

Undead Boss tank glitch

Video of the Undead Boss tank glitch - AVI (7946k)

Upsidedown undead Boss tank glitch

If you leave the room after defeating the Boss tank, after it falls off of the screen, but before the upper right wall disappears, the same bug occurs, except that the Boss tank will now be upside down, like it was when it fell off of the screen. Both of these bugs were carried over to The Adventures of MicroMan.

Upsidedown undead Boss tank glitch

Video of the Upsidedown undead Boss tank glitch - AVI (7153k)


MicroMan moves faster when he's jumping than running in this game, so MicroMan must jump as much as possible. The fastest possible completion time in a time attack or speedrun depends on getting ideal randomness. Favorable or unfavorable randomness alone can probably affect the length of this run by up to 15 seconds. Here is a single segment non-tool assisted speed run that managed to achieve very favorable randomness.

Speedrun of MicroMan in 2:57 - AVI (19459k)