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Kinderware produced a total of five programs: a vocabulary game, three drawing programs, and a conversion program. David C. Swope published Word Gallery v1.0 and EGA Coloring Book v1.0 under his own name, and incorporated Kinderware in 1990. Kinderware seems to have been inactive after 1993, before Kinderware registered a domain name in 2000 and released a Win9x version of Windows Coloring Book and a conversion program called Super Converter. The domain expired a year later. Besides listing David Swope as president, Viki B. Swope was credited in at least one of Kinderware's games.


From Word Gallery v1.0 (1989)

David C. Swope
3753 Tango Drive
North Bend, OH 45052

From EGA Coloring Book v2.0 (1991)

Kinderware, Inc.
P.O. Box 1068
North Bend, OH 45052-1068
(513) 941-7295 Voice & Fax

From Windows Coloring Book v2.0 (2000)

Kinderware, Inc.
P.O.Box 1068
North Bend, Ohio 45052-1068
Phone/Fax: (513) 941-9560


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