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Windows Coloring Book  1993

Windows Coloring Book is an easy-to-use coloring program for children. After selecting a color, simply click on the page to fill an area with color, and use the "oops" button to undo your actions. There is no pencil or any other tools for freeform drawing. Unlike EGA Coloring Book and VGA Coloring Book, Windows Coloring Book takes advantage of Windows' ability to display high color depths at high resolutions. Version 1.0 lacks VGA Coloring Book's eyedropper tool, but offers a palette of 400 colors without dithering. Version 2.0 is a Win9x version that brings back the eye dropper tool, increases the default palette to 416 colors, and allows 96 user-selected colors, increasing the palette to 512 total colors. Work in each picture is remembered between sessions, and the number of users who can color each picture increases to ten. Pictures can be printed. The shareware version contains a preview coloring book with six pictures – the same ones as in VGA Coloring Book, but replacing the Jungle picture with a House picture. The registered version adds the ability to load your own BMP and PCX files for coloring. There are 80 pictures in this game, with only 6 available in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Windows Coloring Book

Screenshot of Windows Coloring Book


Windows Coloring Book Shareware v2.0 (3,421,696 bytes) 2000-01-27 Win9x
Windows Coloring Book Shareware v1.0 Disk 2 (245,407 bytes) 1993-04-27 Win16
Windows Coloring Book Shareware v1.0 Disk 1 (268,179 bytes) 1993-04-27 Win16 Play online


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