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EGA Coloring Book  1990

EGA Coloring Book is an easy-to-use coloring program for children. After selecting a color, simply click on the page to fill an area with color, and use the "oops" button to undo your actions. There is no pencil or any other tools for freeform drawing, which is a shame considering how well this program takes advantage of the capabilities of EGA graphics cards. Through the use of dithering, EGA Coloring Book provides a palette of 500 colors and patterns out of 16 solid colors. Five users can color each picture and their work be remembered between sessions. Pictures can be printed or saved to PCX format. The shareware version contains a preview coloring book with five pictures – three from the Beginner coloring book and two from the Intermediate coloring book. Shareware v2.0 added icons to make using the game easier for children too young to read, and added a preview of the other coloring books. Version 1.0 had indicated that the registered version contained 10 additional pictures (15 total), whereas the registered version of 2.0 included 20 pictures (including 5 from the shareware version). The registered version includes Coloring Book #1 and 2, while Coloring Book #3 was sold separately for $6 and Coloring Books #4 and 5 were sold as a set for $7. Each coloring book contains 10 pictures. The registered version adds the ability to load your own PCX files for coloring. There are 50 pictures in this game, with only 5 available in the shareware version.

Coloring Book #1 - Beginner
Coloring Book #2 - Intermediate
Coloring Book #3 - Kids At Play
Coloring Book #4 - Alphabet A-K
Coloring Book #5 - Alphabet L-Z

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of EGA Coloring Book


EGA Coloring Book v2.2 Shareware (230,916 bytes) 1991-07-28 DOS Play online
EGA Coloring Book v2.1 Shareware (214,408 bytes) 1991-05-08 DOS
EGA Coloring Book v2.0 Shareware (213,149 bytes) 1991-04-25 DOS
EGA Coloring Book v1.0 Shareware (120,503 bytes) 1990-01-10 DOS


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