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Word Gallery  1989

Word Gallery is a vocabulary game for very young children. Originally there were four "levels": "Show the word", "Find the picture that matches the word", "Find the word that matches the picture", and "What is the missing letter". Version 2.0 renamed Level 1 to "Flashcards", merged Level 2 and 3 into "Matching", renamed Level 4 to "Missing letters", and added two new games: "Spelling" and "Guess the word". In "Flashcards", pictures are presented and the spelling is revealed when the card is clicked on (optionally, the word can be displayed first and then the picture revealed). In "Matching", you must find the picture that matches a word (optionally, you can find the word that matches the picture). In "Missing letters", a picture is presented and most of the word is spelled out, and the missing letter must be guessed. In "Spelling", a picture is presented and the entire word must be spelled out. "Guess the word" is basically Hangman: a picture is presented and the user must spell the entire word without making seven errors. Despite supporting Mode 13h (320×200×256c), Word Gallery will attempt to use Mode 10h (640×350×16c) if it's available, prioritizing Mode 10h's higher resolution over Mode 13h's higher color depth. MCGA is the only graphics standard that supports Mode 13h and doesn't support Mode 10h, so VGA and higher users can only use Mode 13h by using a command line switch. Version 3.0 adds a voice to read out the words, and the ability to play in German, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Italian (the word will still be spoken in English regardless of the language for spelling), and claims to add support for PCjr/Tandy Mode 09h, but I have been unable to prevent it from falling back to CGA Mode 04h, even when using the command line switch for Tandy graphics. The shareware versions have 50 words/pictures, while the registered version of v1.0 had 100 words/pictures, v2.0 had 150 words/pictures, and v3.0 has over 300 words/pictures.

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CGA Mode 04h

Screenshot of Word Gallery
EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Word Gallery
VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Word Gallery


Word Gallery v3.0 Shareware (347,905 bytes) 1991-12-04 DOS Play online
Word Gallery v2.0 Shareware (197,302 bytes) 1991-06-16 DOS
Word Gallery v1.0 Shareware (148,053 bytes) 1989-08-27 DOS


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