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Wolfie's Music Games  1992

Self described as being "90% game and 10% music", Wolfie's Music Games is a collection of 10 games that teaches the notes of the scale and the relationship between sharps and flats. Sonic Googolpede, for instance, is the same snake game as regular Googolpede, except that you're given a note on either the bass or treble clef and you have to eat the correct note. Raindrops is like Googolvaders, but you have to fire the correct note to destroy the invaders. An unadvertised feature is that if you leave the game sitting on the menu screen, a fancy EGA screensaver starts up.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Wolfie's Music Games


Wolfie's Music Games v2.2 Shareware (238,545 bytes) 1994-09-01 DOS
Wolfie's Music Games v2.1 Shareware (236,767 bytes) 1994-03-27 DOS
Wolfie's Music Games v1.1 Shareware (212,661 bytes) 1992-10-10 DOS Play online


I have been unable to contact the author, but there is still a mailing address for registration. The games indicate that you can register for $10, or "super register" and get all 10 of Paul T. Dawson's educational games for $35.