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Paul T. Dawson was a prolific author of educational software. He apparently stopped publishing software in late 1994, but was active in the POV-Ray community, creating a number of ray-traced images for the web and competitions. He was active in POV-Ray and math-related bulletin boards for many years, usually indicating that he was the author of the "Google Math Games" in his signature. His website went inactive and disappeared a few years ago. All of my attempts to locate him or his family over the past few years have been fruitless. In my search I discovered that a Dr. Paul T. Dawson, a highly regarded dentist, passed away a few years ago. If anyone has any further information about Paul T. Dawson, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Timeline of releases:

Lugnut Math City 2.2 1 September 1994
Wolfie's Music Games 2.2 1 September 1994
Salad Scribble 1.1 1 January 1994
Cheezi 2.1 30 November 1993
Googol Math Games 3.6 9 September 1993
Googol Review 3.6 9 September 1993
Googolpede for Windows 1.4 11 May 1993
Wolfie's Music Games 1.1 10 October 1992
Paul's Classroom Math 1.0 1 May 1992
Googol Math Games 3.4 27 March 1992
Googol Review 3.2 27 March 1992
Lugnut City 1.1 27 March 1992
Googol Review 3.1 10 October 1991
Googol Math Games 3.3 28 September 1991
Googol Math Games 2.1 2 April 1990
Googol Math Games 2.0 14 February 1989



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