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WinFish 3 - Fly Fishing  1995

The third game in the WinFish series, WinFish 3 is a fly fishing simulation. A significant upgrade over the original, the view of the lake is now several screens wide, allowing you to pan left or right to pick where you want to cast your line. Instead of instantly catching or not catching a fish, the lure now floats in the water while you wait for a bite. The current slowly carries the lure to the left, and the view smoothly and automatically pans left to keep it in view. Instead of a fish finder, fish can be seen jumping out of the water, and you can pull the line in or let it out to get the lure to where the fish are. When a fish is hooked, there are now gauges indicating line tension and how much time you have before you lose the fish. The fish can even jump out of the water and pull out the line while they're being reeled in. Between the beautiful scenery and WAV files of birds, frogs and crickets, this game is an impressively immersive fly fishing experience for Windows 3.x. WinFish 3 combines the best aspects of its predecessors, letting you struggle to reel in the fish (introduced in WinFish 2), and restoring the beautiful lake sound effects and ambience of the original WinFish. There are multiple fishing locations in this game, with only one location playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of WinFish 3 - Fly Fishing


WinFish 3 - Fly Fishing v1.0 Shareware (873,827 bytes) 1995-04-08 Win16


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