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WinFish  1993

WinFish is a simple but surprisingly attractive fishing game for Windows 3.x. WinFish is full of WAV files of birds calling and frogs croaking, and really captures the experience of being out on the water in a fishing boat. Simply choose a rod, reel and lure, and click where you want to cast the line. A fish finder detects the presence and depth of fish in that area, so you can continue casting or try somewhere else. Once a fish bites, you have a fraction of a second to hook the fish, and then there's the frustrating act of reeling it in. Reel too quickly and the hook pops out of the fish's mouth, but reel too slowly and the fish escapes. This is all well and good, but you don't find out that you've lost the fish until you reel in the hook! Getting the pace correct comes with experience, but the graphics are sound effects are ultimately more interesting than the gameplay. Two shareware versions were released a few days apart: the former requires VBRUN200.DLL, while the latter added sound effects for opening and closing the ice box, and upgraded to VBRUN300.DLL

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Screenshot of WinFish


WinFish v1.0 (07-07-93) Shareware (741,493 bytes) 1993-07-07 Win16
WinFish v1.0 (01-07-93) Shareware (640,964 bytes) 1993-07-01 Win16


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