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WinFish 2 - Deep Sea  1995

The second game in the WinFish series, WinFish 2 is a deep sea fishing simulation. Instead of trout fishing on a lake, you're now fishing for marlins and sharks on the ocean. Different kinds of bait appeal to different types of fish (there's a list), and you can choose your rod and reel. The first obvious change in WinFish 2 is that the boat is constantly bobbing up and down, an effect that seems to take up a lot of CPU cycles. Instead of instantly catching or not catching a fish, as in the original WinFish, the lure now floats in the water while you wait for a bite. The fish finder shows the depth of fish in increments of 10 feet from the bottom, and when you find a location you like, you can press on the radar button to lock the image for 3 minutes while you get your line to the right depth. A nice upgrade over the original is that the fish actually put up a fight when you hook them, and there is now a gauge indicating line tension so that you don't accidentally pull the hook out of the fish's mouth. Managing the line tension requires the Pull Back button, which loosens the tension (and is also used to initially set the hook). The fish can pull the line back out, sometimes 100 feet at a time. While the gameplay is certainly an upgrade, the scenery is less attractive, and the only ambience sound is the sound of the motor.

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Screenshot of WinFish 2 - Deep Sea


WinFish 2 - Deep Sea Shareware (982,790 bytes) 1995-12-28 Win16


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