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Solitile  1989

Originally an EGA version of Mahjong solitaire that can be played in a variety of different layouts. Version 4.0 moved the game to Win16 and increased the color depth to 256 colors at resolutions up to 1024×768. The default layout isn't the one most people will be familiar with, and the default tileset uses English letters and numbers instead of Chinese symbols. The new tiles allow for layouts with anywhere from 4 to 168 tiles, and eliminates sets that have four different symbols, such as flowers, seasons, and compass directions. Originally there were are 65 536 puzzles in this game, which was doubled with the move to Win9x in v5.0. There are 131 072 puzzles for each of over 400 layouts in this game, with only 10 puzzles for each of 4 layouts playable in the shareware version.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Solitile

Screenshot of Solitile

Screenshot of Solitile


Solitile v6.1 (2017) Shareware (7,053,312 bytes) 2017-04-10 Win32
Solitile v6.1 (2015) Shareware (7,049,216 bytes) 2015-09-04 Win32
Solitile v6.0a Shareware (7,041,024 bytes) 2015-04-03 Win32
Solitile v5.1 (2010) Shareware (1,466,368 bytes) 2010-01-06 Win9x
Solitile v5.1 (2004) Shareware (1,366,016 bytes) 2004-06-04 Win9x
Solitile v5.0c Shareware (1,133,056 bytes) 2001-06-12 Win9x
Solitile for Windows v5.0b Shareware (Still searching) xxxx Win9x
Solitile for Windows v4.5a Shareware (536,234 bytes) 1999-05-13 Win16
Solitile for Windows v4.5 Shareware (Still searching) 1999-03-17 Win16
Solitile for Windows v4.4a Shareware (Still searching) 1997-09-29 Win16
Solitile for Windows v4.4 Shareware (Still searching) 1997-09-15 Win16
Solitile for Windows v4.3 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx Win16
Solitile for Windows v4.2 Shareware (453,462 bytes) 1997-04-08 Win16
Solitile for Windows v4.0 Shareware (448,864 bytes) 1997-02-08 Win16
Solitile v3.61 Shareware (132,244 bytes) 1994-12-24 DOS Play online
Solitile v3.6 Shareware (Still searching) 1994-12-11 DOS
Solitile v3.58 Shareware (216,446 bytes) 1994-03-10 DOS
Solitile v3.55 Shareware (234,921 bytes) 1993-12-31 DOS
Solitile v3.54 Shareware (Still searching) 1993-07-07 DOS
Solitile v3.51 Shareware (Still searching) 1993-02-13 DOS
Solitile v3.5 Shareware (235,482 bytes) 1992-07-01 DOS
Solitile v3.4 Shareware (Still searching) 1992-06-07 DOS
Solitile v3.3 Shareware (149,331 bytes) 1992-03-01 DOS
Solitile v3.2 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Solitile v3.1 Shareware (200,129 bytes) 1991-12-01 DOS
Solitile v3.0 Shareware (186,936 bytes) 1991-09-22 DOS
Solitile v2.8 Shareware (Still searching) 1991-06-28 DOS
Solitile v2.7 Shareware (Still searching) 1990-06-05 DOS
Solitile v2.6 Shareware (53,081 bytes) 1989-12-24 DOS
Solitile v2.5 Shareware (52,559 bytes) 1989-10-16 DOS
Solitile v2.4 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Solitile v2.0 Shareware (Still searching) 1989-10-08 DOS
Solitile v1.4 Shareware (45,073 bytes) 1989-08-18 DOS
Solitile v1.3 Shareware (44,919 bytes) 1989-07-25 DOS
Solitile v1.0 Shareware (42,895 bytes) 1989-03-01 DOS


Everett Kaser Software still sells the registered version of this game for $15 by download or CD-ROM.