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Taking Care of Business  1994

In this platform-like puzzle game, you guide Demolisher Dirk through levels that consist of a single screen. Dirk can jump a little bit and fall from great heights, and he can pick up and move boxes. There are power-ups that allow him to break a wall with his hard hat, destroy a block in the floor with dynamite, jump extra high, or use a ladder. There are other perils, like blocks that disappear when you walk over them and electric fields that can sometimes be turned off with switches. Dirk moves a tile at a time, and the focus is figuring out how to move the boxes to help you reach the exit, so it reminds me of Sokoban with gravity. There are 60 puzzles in this game, with only the first 15 playable in the shareware version.

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Graphics modes

SVGA Mode 101h

Taking Care of Business


Taking Care of Business v1.0 Shareware Episode (311,227 bytes) xxxx DOS
Taking Care of Business v1.0 Registered Version (340,734 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online

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Moonlite Software has generously released this game as freeware.