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Jumpman Lives!  1991

A unlicensed remake of the original Jumpman, Apogee stopped selling Jumpman Lives! and declared the game public domain after Epyx asserted their rights to Jumpman intellectual property. Explosives have been scattered throughout a laboratory on Saturn, and you play an elite anti-terrorist agent trying to prevent the destruction of the planet. You must climb ladders and jump around with special high jump boots, collecting all of the little orbs that represent bombs on each level, while avoiding enemies and trying not to fall too far. It's a bit like Jetpack, without the jetpack, or Moraff's Escapade without the ability to move blocks. 256-color intro and death screens sharply contrast with the simple, 16-color in-game graphics. The commercial version has 45 levels.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Jumpman Lives!


Jumpman Lives! Shareware Episode (101,925 bytes) xxxx DOS
Jumpman Lives! Registered Version (144,997 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online

Source code

Source code for Jumpman Lives! in Borland Turbo Pascal 6 (936,751 bytes) xxxx


NOTE: Apogee does not distribute, sell, register, or retain copyright on this game. This is officially abandonware.