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Jetpack  1993

One of my all-time favorite games. Jetpack has similarities to Lode Runner, except that you control a character who has a jetpack that allows him to fly (when he has fuel), in addition to the ability to temporarily phase change bricks in order to trap enemies or move through walls, floors and ceilings. In every level various enemies try to kill you, and you must collect all of the green orbs and make it through the door to advance to the next stage. The levels and challenges are excellent, and make good use of stairs, barriers and different types of terrain. There is also an extremely good level editor, and hundreds of user-created levels can be found on fan sites throughout the internet. Originally published by Software Creations, the name changed to Impulse Software by v1.4. There are 100 levels in this game, with only the first 10 levels playable in the shareware version.

Added by DOSGuy


Complete version history:

Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe! v1.5 Registered (495,141 bytes) 1998-12-17 DOS Play online
Jetpack v1.4 Shareware (346,030 bytes) 1994-10-16 DOS
Jetpack v1.3 Shareware (451,258 bytes) 1994-05-12 DOS
Jetpack v1.2 Shareware (305,562 bytes) 1993-08-03 DOS
Jetpack v1.1 Shareware (286,675 bytes) 1993-04-08 DOS
Jetpack v1.0 Shareware (302,675 bytes) 1993-03-15 DOS


Author Adam Pedersen generously released Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe! as freeware under the Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe Freeware License on 17 December 1998. They are both in the same zip file.