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Googol Math Games  1989

When I was in elementary school we had a monochrome computer with this game on it. Kids used to gather around to play and watch. Sometimes the children would help each other with the answers, sometimes students would insist upon answering the questions themselves. As educational games go, this is one of the best ever. In Googol Climber you play a character who bounces along in a room with several levels and a number on each side, while balls roll through the room. You must get to the level that has the correct answer to the math question without hitting your head on the ceiling or hitting the balls, and avoid getting the wrong answer. Googolpede is the classic "snake" game except that you try to hit either "T" for true or "F" for false to answer the math problem on the screen. Googolvaders is like Space Invaders with aliens made out of math problems. Shoot them with the correct answer before they reach the ground. Version 2.0 included a fourth game, called Googol Review, but this was removed in v2.1 and spun off into a separate game. All games can be played with any mix of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and have different speeds to create levels of skill. Success is rewarded with congratulations from robots and cars and other "bells and whistles". The games are still fun after all these years.

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Screenshot of Googol Math Games


Googol Math Games v3.6 Shareware (184,943 bytes) 1993-09-09 DOS Play online
Googol Math Games v3.4 Shareware (171,850 bytes) 1992-03-27 DOS
Googol Math Games v3.3 Shareware (168,553 bytes) 1991-09-28 DOS
Googol Math Games v2.1 Shareware (165,888 bytes) 1990-04-02 DOS
Googol Math Games v2.0 Shareware (148,849 bytes) 1989-02-14 DOS Play online


I have been unable to contact the author, but there is still a mailing address for registration. The games indicate that you can register for $10, or "super register" and get all 10 of Paul T. Dawson's educational games for $35.