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Cheezi  1993

Cheezi is based on the ancient game of Pachisi, but it's basically played on a Parchisi board using the simplified rules of Trouble. The game is played on the familiar 72 square cross-shaped board from Parchisi, but without the 12 safe squares, and only one die is used. Each player has four pawns that begin in the "nest", and can only be entered onto the board if the player rolls a 6. The player can elect to move a piece that is already on the board or enter a new pawn, and then rolls again. Players can choose to pass on any roll if playing the roll might leave their pawn in a vulnerable position. Only one pawn can occupy each square. If a pawn lands on an enemy pawn, the captured pawn returns to the nest. The object of the game is get all four pawns around the board and into the safety zone, at which point they can bear off with an exact roll only. Options include allowing pawns to enter the board on any roll, and playing until all players finish or only until one player wins. The computer players can be customized by choosing how they evaluate nine situations, such as how high a priority they place on chasing or evading enemy pawns, and how willing they are to move in front of enemy pawns.

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Cheezi v2.1 Shareware (129,664 bytes) 1993-11-30 Win16 Play online


This game was originally released under a freeware license.