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Damon Hastings is known for a single game: Duel 2000. The big question about the game is: when was it first released? The earliest known copy of the game to appear on BBSes contains four different dates!

The exit screen states the game was completed on 14 December 1990 as a final computer project in the author's first semester of his junior year in high school. The title screen lists it as v1.0 dated 16 September 1991, presumably the date that he released (or intended to release) the game to the public. The exit screen indicates that his email address was updated on 1 July 1992, while the accompanying text file indicates a new email address effective 22 February 1993, which is also the datestamp on the executable file and the text file. Does this mean that were three public releases of v1.0, with the only difference between them being the author's contact information, or was the game released for the first time in 1993, still retaining the dates of previous milestones, such as public release and the change of email address (and why didn't the new email address in 1993 not replace the address from 1992 in the exit screen)?

Damon wrote two other games in his computer class in late 1990, Tron Light Cycles and Dueling Worms, which he never released to the internet. All three games were written with Borland Turbo Pascal 6.0, and their source code was lost in a hard drive crash in 1998.


From Duel 2000:

Damon "Archon" Hastings
2310 W. Nashville Pl.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012


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