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Tron Light Cycles  1990

Damon Hastings, author of Duel 2000, created two other games in 1990 but didn't release them. One was Tron Light Cycles, based on the famous Disney CGI film. As you would expect, this is based on SNAFU and one or more players drive "light cycles" that leave a trail behind them, and players die when they crash into a wall, a trail, or each other. When a player dies, the trail he left behind disappears. Players start with 20 points at the beginning of the game, and all losers forfeit one point to the winner of each round. Players can fire a bullet to destroy one segment of trail at the cost of 4 points, but the winner of each round gets the points he spent on bullets refunded. Players with negative scores (known as boobs) can't fire bullets, although this option can be turned off. You can apparently choose as many players as you want, provided that you can find space on the keyboard to assign each of them keys for the four directions. Programmed in Turbo Pascal, the author lost the source code in a hard drive crash. This copy has been hex-edited to change his contact information as of 26 July 2006.

Added by DOSGuy


Tron Light Cycles v1.0 (35,960 bytes) 1990-12-14 DOS


Damon Hastings generously allowed me to post this unreleased game on our site.