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Duel 2000  1991

A neat little star battle game from the days when you could write a game in computer class and have it distributed by BBS and shareware compilation CD-ROMs. The game can be played by two humans or against the computer. The premise is simple: two space ships try to destroy each other by firing bullets. A planet in the center of the screen has gravity which attracts both of the ships and their bullets. Many options can be configured, such as bouncing off of the planet instead of being destroyed if you crash into it, and changing the walls from wraparound to bouncy. Using the planet's gravity to arc a bullet towards your enemy on the other side, or getting bullets into orbit are interesting applications of the game's physics. Using thrusters and fire shots cause the engine to heat up, and it will become useless if it overheats. Three random power-ups can appear: the Cool Box cools your engine, the Hot Box heats up your opponent's engine, and The Happy Reaper sends Death to destroy your opponent. The author released a new version in 2006 with his new contact information hex-edited into the exit screen, declaring it freeware with no restrictions.

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VGA Mode 12h

Screenshot of Duel 2000


Duel 2000 v1.0 Freeware (44,067 bytes) 1993-02-22 DOS
Duel 2000 v1.0 (updated email) Freeware (43,201 bytes) 2006-07-26 DOS Play online


Author Damon Hastings generously released this game as freeware on 26 July 2006.