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Ultimate Body Blows  1994

Originally an Amiga game, Ultimate Body Blows combines the fighters from Body Blows and the Amiga-only sequel, Body Blows Galactic, for a total of 22 fighters. The backgrounds are clearly designed to look like Street Fighter II, but the gameplay clearly isn't. Fighters can move in 8 directions, but there is only one button for attacking! The attack button must be used in combination with a direction, or it can be charged when pressed by itself to unleash a special attack, which increases the length of the charge bar each time. Suffice it to say that this limits the number of possible moves, and the decision seems to have been based on early joysticks only having one action button. Only Mike and Kossak are playable in the shareware version, and they fight in only one locale.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Ultimate Body Blows


Ultimate Body Blows Demo (1,149,022 bytes) 1994-11-09 DOS Play online


Team17 no longer sells this game.