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Super Street Fighter II Turbo  1995

DOS ports of arcade games are notoriously bad, but Super Street Fighter II Turbo turned out impressively well. When the game starts, you're greeted with the same ultra-realistic view of Ryu in his fighter's stance as in the arcades. Super Street Fighter II Turbo is enhanced version of the original classic fighting game. The four boss characters became playable in the Championship Edition, and Super Street Fighter II added four new playable characters. The graphics look great and the game recognizes a number of joysticks, including a 6-button joystick designed specifically for the game. The audio is a bit disappointing, but that's because the shareware demo is based on the floppy disk and generates SoundBlaster music, whereas the CD-ROM version of the game uses CD audio tracks to sound perfectly like the arcade game. Only Ryu and Chun Li are playable in the shareware version, and Russia is the only locale.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Super Street Fighter II Turbo


Super Street Fighter II Turbo v1.0 Shareware Demo (3,210,008 bytes) 1995-04-14 DOS


Capcom no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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