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Transport Tycoon  1994

Transport Tycoon looks and feels like SimCity, but the goal is to run a transportation empire. Facilities on the map will produce and accept certain resources. For instance, farms produce livestock and grain; factories accept livestock and grain, and create goods; cities accept goods, and produce passengers and mail; airports accept passengers and mail. Coal mines are useless without someone to ship their coal to, and power plants are useless without coal. Someone must create supply chains between them, and private corporations step up to supply the rail lines and capacity. While the player lays tracks and builds trains, computer opponents are doing the same. The challenge of Transport Tycoon is not only to meet the transportation needs of the communities and businesses in the game, but also to compete with other transportation companies that want to win their business before you do. You can take out loans to finance new supply routes and vehicles, but that adds interest charges on top of your operating expenses. The shareware demo can be played for two in-game years, and only railroad objects can be created.

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SVGA Mode 101h

Screenshot of Transport Tycoon


Transport Tycoon Shareware v1.05.126 (1,095,355 bytes) 1994-10-02 DOS Play online


Microprose no longer sells this game.

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