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SimCity  1989

The original city-building simulator from this legendary series, later sold as SimCity Classic. In SimCity, you create residential, commercial and industrial zones and watch them develop. To be successful, they need roads and power. Industry does better when there is a sea port, and commerce improves when there's an airport. Create police departments to reduce crime and fire departments to put out fires when disasters occur. A map screen allows you to see where there is crime, pollution, traffic, police coverage, fire coverage, and see the land value, population density and population growth throughout the city. You determine the rate of taxation, and how well funded your police, fire and transportation departments are. All of these things determine how successful each neighborhood is, and creating a thriving city can be quite addictive. As in life, there are no goals. You may want to get the largest possible population, or perhaps a smaller community that has no pollution or crime. There are also eight scenarios that can be played with specific goals to achieve. You can't run power lines over roads in the demo for some reason. The game can only be played for 3 minutes in the shareware demo.

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Screenshot of SimCity
CGA Mode 06h

Screenshot of SimCity
PCjr/Tandy Mode 09h

Screenshot of SimCity
EGA Mode 0Dh

Screenshot of SimCity
EGA Mode 0Fh

Screenshot of SimCity
EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of SimCity


SimCity Shareware Demo (580,952 bytes) 1990-04-09 DOS Play online


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