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Tank Wars  1990

Originally named BOMB, Kenny Morse changed the title to Tank Wars when he discovered that there was already a game called Bomb. He was unaware that a DOS game called Tank Wars had been released by Cory Snider in 1986. Apparently no one answered his call, made by at least v1.2, "If there is already a game of that name, would the author please inform me so that I can change the name again." Snider's game featured only two tanks and included only one type of weapon, so it was basically a graphical version of GORILLAS.BAS (i.e. a common artillery game). Tank Wars is a turn-based tank battle game where up to 10 humans or computers can use tanks to blow each other up with anything from small missiles to thermonuclear weapons. Use guidance to seek and destroy your friends and enemies, or unleash multiple projectile weapons on everyone on the screen. Weapons and armor must be purchased, and money is awarded based on kills. One feature that Tank Wars has that the very similar Scorched Earth lacks is team play: players can be grouped into teams instead of fighting "every man for himself".

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Tank Wars


Complete version history:

Tank Wars v3.2 (210,546 bytes) 1992-07-04 DOS Play online
Tank Wars v3.1 (Still searching) 1992-06-20 DOS
Tank Wars v3.0 (201,734 bytes) 1992-05-31 DOS
Tank Wars v2.5 (194,466 bytes) 1991-05-17 DOS
Tank Wars v2.0 (134,235 bytes) 1991-01-21 DOS
Tank Wars v1.6 (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Tank Wars v1.5 (115,533 bytes) 1990-12-03 DOS
Tank Wars v1.4 (Still searching) 1990-11-30 DOS
Tank Wars v1.3 (Still searching) 1990-11-23 DOS
Tank Wars v1.2 (112,795 bytes) 1990-11-16 DOS
Tank Wars v1.1 (Still searching) 1990-11-05 DOS
Tank Wars v1.0 (Still searching) 1990-10-28 DOS


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