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Scorched Earth  1991

The Mother of All Games! That's how the author describes this game, and when I was in high school, it was true. In this turn-based simulation, up to 10 humans or computers can use tanks to blow each other up with anything from small missiles to thermonuclear weapons. Shields and parachutes allow players to withstand the destruction from weapons, environmental damage and the occasional tank falling on top of you. Use guidance to seek and destroy your friends and enemies, or unleash multiple projectile weapons on everyone on the screen. Weapons and armor must be purchased, and money is awarded based on kills. Despite extremely simple concept and gameplay, you can customize settings for everything from the effect of the walls around the screen to gravity, wind and economics. One of the most addictive multiplayer games of all time. Originally a small freeware game, Wendell Hicken started distributing the game as shareware when he received an unsolicited payment for the game! The registered version enables the triple-turreted tanks for users, and adds 25 new scanned mountains.

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Complete version history:

Scorched Earth v1.5 Shareware Version (706,934 bytes) 3 June 1995 DOS Play online
Scorched Earth v1.23 Shareware Version (201,129 bytes) 11 January 1993 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.22 Shareware Version (201,129 bytes) 17 December 1992 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.21 Shareware Version (178,892 bytes) 25 November 1992 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.2 Shareware Version (199,632 bytes) 9 November 1992 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.1 Shareware Version (219,499 bytes) 23 November 1991 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.0 Shareware Version (127,570 bytes) 20 July 1991 DOS
Scorched Earth v1.0b Freeware Version (89,010 bytes) 14 March 1991 DOS

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Wendell Hicken still sells the registered version of this game for $20 on CD-ROM.