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Space Chase  1993

The graphics, sound and engine should remind you a lot of Crystal Caves and Secret Agent in this simple EGA platformer. There's no map screen, though; this game is linear. In Space Chase you play Jason Storm, a former marine who can really jump. Your mission is to defeat the leaders of Evil Guys, Inc. Levels are full of jewels and other bonuses, as well as monsters and robots. Ammunition is limited, so it's sometimes wiser to avoid enemies rather than shoot everything that moves. The graphics and sound aren't the greatest, but they're better than some EGA games I've played, and the fun factor makes the game worth playing through. Prior to the June 1993 release of the game, Safari software released a shareware demo of the game, which was then known as "Space Chase: The Wild Adventures of Jason Storm". Part one was called "Hero for Hire!", before being renamed to "City Under Siege" in the official release two months later. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1: City Under Siege
Episode 2: Fortress of Doom
Episode 3: Showdown in Orbit

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EGA Mode 0Dh

Screenshot of Space Chase


Space Chase v4.00 Shareware Episode (453188 bytes) xxxx DOS
Space Chase v2.14D Shareware Episode (422661 bytes) xxxx DOS
Space Chase v2.02D Shareware Episode (420037 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Space Chase v2.00D Shareware Episode (418417 bytes) xxxx DOS
Space Chase: The Wild Adventures of Jason Storm v1.03b (170003 bytes) xxxx DOS

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