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Snarf  1988

Snarf is an adventure game with perhaps a bit of a Robotron influence. The hero can fire his weapon in any of four directions while moving in any other direction, so coordination with both hands is important. The hero must find keys in order to reach the next level, while monsters called Snarfs spawn out of Snarf nests. The Snarfs will never stop coming, but they will spawn out of the nearest nest, so it's possible to wipe them out in one area and lead them to spawn in an area where they won't bother you. There are teleporters which the Snarfs can't use, and hit points can be restored at aid stations. Hit points aren't restored at the end of levels, so it can be a real endurance match to survive to the next level that has an aid station. A fun and challenging game for gamers of any age. There are 50 levels in this game, with only the first 20 playable in the shareware version.

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Snarf


Complete version history:

Snarf v2.61 Shareware (61446 bytes) 31 December 1993 DOS
Snarf v2.61 Registered Version (110104 bytes) 31 December 1993 DOS Play online
Snarf v2.60 US Shareware (78184 bytes) 27 June 1992 DOS
Snarf v2.60 UK Shareware (Still searching) 7 June 1992 DOS
Snarf v2.51 Shareware (Still searching) 23 February 1992 DOS
Snarf v2.50 Shareware (66377 bytes) 19 October 1991 DOS
Snarf v2.03 Shareware (47869 bytes) 23 February 1991 DOS
Snarf v2.02 Shareware (47893 bytes) 22 November 1990 DOS
Snarf v2.01 Shareware (Still searching) 10 November 1990 DOS
Snarf v2.00 Shareware (Still searching) 21 October 1990 DOS
Snarf v1.0 Freeware with Source code in C (62369 bytes) xxxx DOS

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Everett Kaser generously gave Classic DOS Games (and only Classic DOS Games) permission to distribute the licensed version of this game as freeware under the Snarf Freeware License on 2 January 2008.