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Snake (AM)  2007

The classic Snake game, but with wraparound walls. The snake grows as it eats eggs, and dies if it crashes into itself. Every once in a while a blue egg pops up for 10 seconds for bonus points. The game only scans for input once every movement, making it impossible to make two quick turns to get onto the next row or column, which makes it really frustrating when you miss an egg by one snake-width. Since you can't move over or turn back on yourself without missing it again, you have to go wide and turn three times to hit the egg that you barely missed. In other words, you can't adjust your direction if you're going to miss the egg; you must time your turns perfectly, but only scanning for input after each movement creates the appearance of input lag and makes it difficult to time turns. Taking away the walls makes the game seem too easy, while making it impossible to adjust your direction by a single row or column artificially increases the length of each level. There's a novelty to being a DOS game created in 2007, but the classic snake game was implemented better in Googol Math Games' Googolpede.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 12h

Screenshot of Snake (AM)


Snake v1.0 (52,809 bytes) 2007-06-29 DOS Play online


This game was originally released under a freeware license.